A Schoolgirl in Fruit Market | 20171002

Few months a ago, I got the email from ThePeachBox, they would like me to feature their jewellery and watch with my outfits. Until last month, I finally received the watch and bangle that I selected from them as gifts. It was an exciting news to me, as I thought the watch I selected will never be on stock again. hahaha!

And they provide a discount to all of you, so read till the end of this post to get to know the discount code!

I decided to style this watch in two looks. One is this look, a simple, like a schoolgirl look.




I selected the “Silver Crystal – Silver Mesh” watch, which is a polished silver finish with crystal markers, goes with a silver stainless steel mesh bracelet. I don’t have a watch in silver color, that’s the main reason why I picked it.


As I said, the watch comes along with a bangle, my choice goes to “Silver Roman Empress Bangle”! As some of you may know, I love roman letters a lot! This roman numeral cuts set is so edgy, and it’s easy to carry with any looks.


If you like the watches and jewellery from The Peach Box, you may use my discount code “theStarterfly” when you checkout, which gives you 15% off on you whole purchase. This will valid till the end of December.



Here is the video diary,

Don’t forget to watch the vlog as well!

Hope you like my look, like always.

on S ⊙⊙ –

WATCH: MARC BALE, gift from ThePeachBox
ACCESSORIES: ThePeachBox, gift from ThePeachBox


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