Choi Hung | 20170129

Happy Lunar New Year!
Welcome the Year of the Rooster!
Here is my first outfit diary in this year!


When Chinese New Year comes, we know that it’s spring time. All I can think of is the humid weather :( I really don’t like it! (Okay, I admit I hate it)


I went to Choi Hung Estate on the second day of Lunar New Year, it was raining on that day, not heavy, but the floor was wet after that. So can you imagine what my dress looked like after sitting on the floor?



I barely wore bright clothes, and indeed black and white for most of the time. It doesn’t mean I don’t like bright colors, or colorful stuff. I do like that, and that’s why I went to Choi Hung Estate taking photos for the first outfit diary in the year of Rooster!


Look at the building, it’s really nice!



18 likes photography, and doesn’t like to be captured. Thus, we seldom take photos together, but I hope we can take more in this year.


Look at my serious face when I was posting my Instagram Story! :P

I tried to jump so many times, still couldn’t take a good picture, but I do think I need to post one of these, as my knees hurt so bad!!!


on S ⊙⊙ –

TOP: TaoBao
OVERALL DRESS: from my sister Cyn
SCARF: bought in Stanley
SHOES: Dr. Martens

Once again, Happy Lunar New Year!
I hope you all do your best in this year!
And I will do the same!

Anywhere, Everywhere

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