Fearless | 20170102

Happy 2017! My Girls!

A warm welcome from me saying hello to you! The first blog in 2017 is Outfit Diary!


It’s still “winter” season in Hong Kong, but it’s not really like “winter” :\
I know this is confusing, but you can imagine it’s not as cold as last few years in HK. And I can tell you that sometimes it likes a mixture of summer and autumn, just like the day I took these photos.


I wore a “greenery” look, not really the Pantone color of this year, greenery, but simply green color in my outfit. Thing happened without reason. I didn’t plan to wear any specific color on that day, but see, it just happened.


The sleeveless sweater I was wearing in this photo is so cute! It’s split on back! I didn’t take any photos focusing on it, but I’ve filmed! So stay turned!


I told myself not to use more than 5 photos in a post (I simply feel 5 photos is good enough), but as this is my first post in 2017, so I would like to share 3 more behind-the-scene photos. :>

Send me some love ♥ Comment down below to let me know how you feel!



And I would like to take this chance to say BIG THANKS to my boy. He is so so supportive, always stay with me and help me a lot during these years. I know we still have a long way to go, and I’m so excited to spend the rest of my years with him.


He’s blue and I’m green.

on S ⊙⊙ –

PANTS: Uniqlo
EARRINGS: bought in Hong Kong
HAIR CLIP: bought in Japan * I feel so bad as I lost it during shooting :(


Anywhere, Everywhere

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