Shopping on a Budget Challenge! w/ MissGeez

*** Challenged by MissGeez ***

Before I went to Seoul, I got a call from GiGi (GG), aka MissGeez. She challenged me for buying her a K-style (Korean Style) clothing, including a top and a bottom, from Seoul within a budget of ₩25,000, which is equal to about HK$170. I thought it would be fun to have this collaboration, so I accepted her challenge!

So, below are what GG bought for me, a simple white top with a pink checked skirt!


Top: ₩5,900 (HK$40)
Skirt: ₩17,900 (HK$122)
Total: ₩23,800
Both from the shop Brand Market in Myeong Dong


I seldom wear clothes in pink color, but somehow I feel like I have to change. So during last few months when I went shopping, I bought some clothes in pink (I will show you guys later in Outfit Diary/ Lookbook). I am not a student anymore, but this look reminds me my student life. I like the color combination, it’s girly, fresh and soft! Really nice for summer!

And here are what I’ve bought for GG.


Top: ₩10,000 (HK$68)
Skirt: ₩15,000 (HK$102)
Total: ₩25,000 (LUCKY ME! haha)
 From 2 random shops in Goto Mall

As she graduated this year, it will be the first year of her working, so I decided to buy her a clothing in lady and mature style. Coincidentally, we bought clothes in similar colors for each other!


I really enjoyed this collab! How you guys think? Comment down below and let me know! And remember to check out what I’ve picked for GG (video link). See you next time 😀


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