Summer Outfits 2016 夏日穿搭

I really hope you guys enjoyed this video.

I filmed this twice, but sadly the weather wasn’t good, and I have to film in indoor.
I hope you guys would still like it, as I spent lots of time on this! Cheers!


➫ Look 1
Crop Top: TaoBao *Not on sale anymore
Romper: Cotton On
Hat: TaoBao
Sandals: JuJu


➫ Look 2
Top: Lowrys Farm
Trousers: Bershka
Heeled Sandals: Shoopen
Earrings: Murua


➫ Look 3
Crop Top: Zara
Shorts: River Island
Shoes: Vans


➫ Look 4
Top: Heather
Shorts: Star101 (bought from Korea)
Shoes: Vans
Scarf: TaoBao

Any comments? Let me know :)


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