Fall Travel Outfits | vol. 3: SHErlock Holmes

“What does TRAVEL mean to you?”
This is probably the most frequently asked question on SNS nowadays.
I would say it always good to ask question in this way,
this drives you to think, to doubt and to realize what you really wanna chase/ pursuit in life.

There is no standard answer, we have to figure it out by ourselves.
(And remember! Your answer is the best answer to yourself. No one can define you 🙂
No one knows the future.
Sometimes, I feel worried as my future looks like transparent.
I wonder what would be next coming in my life, good thing or bad thing?
But at the same time, I feel excited.
Just because we know nothing, thus things become more interesting.

What I wanna say is thinking about the future too much is useless.
It can’t help and it wouldn’t help anything.
Always remember, do it now OR do it not.

Below are the photos of my third travel outfits.
I named it Sherlock Holmes, coz I think I dressed like him! Hahahaha




But, my boyfriend said this outfit almost likes a hacking outfit.
What do you all think? Me or Him?


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