Fall Travel Outfits | vol. 4: Monster

  I seldom wear hat normally in HK, as the weather wasn’t that cold.
I remember 2 years ago, on New Year Eve, I vomited in a shopping mall.
Reason? Coz I wore a bernie hat!
It made me feel dizzy and then I vomited. LOL
But the weather in Japan was perfect for hats!

Below is my final outfit post on Japan travel.
Hope you like it :)





Thanks for visiting!
Next coming up would be the travel outfits video.
Will release tomorrow, 19 Dec 21:00
Please stay tuned!


on S ⊙⊙ –

HAT: TaoBao
TOP: TaoBao
CAMI: Aland
SHOES: HK Boutique

* if you cannot find the products at TaoBao, which means it ‘s sold out
** In case you wanna know the qualities of TaoBao products, I will do a review about it later

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