Fall Travel Outfits | vol. 1: GO Japan!

Hey you! It’s me, STELLA!
OMG! It’s month ago since last update :(
So sorry about being lazy because of busy!
I went to Japan last month again, this time is basically celebrating my birthday!
After came back to HK, so many works and I really so sad about no time to edit photos and so on.

It’s almost 2am in HK, and I promise myself to finish all photos edit ,
though seems can’t now :/
but at least I wanna share this outfit post first!


on board :>

This time is to Hiroshima!



Didn’t take many photos as it was quite late when we* arrived.
(*oh ya! I went to Japan with my BF)
So only these few pics…
Still, I hope you like it :)

Let me know how you feel about this look, it’s my pleasure!

on S ⊙⊙ –

HAT: TaoBao
BAG: TaoBao
TOP: Uniqlo
SCARF: Lulu’s TW

*** if you cannot find the products at TaoBao, which means it ‘s sold out ***

Anywhere, Everywhere

3 thoughts on “Fall Travel Outfits | vol. 1: GO Japan!

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