Dot Dot Dot



Yes, I’m writing a blog about nailart! haha
I am not a genius in Make-Up, also for nailart, but I do love nailart.
It sounds like crazy, but I can train up my patience in doing nails.

Dotting skill is the first I learned in nailart, I used to use toothpicks to get this done.
2 years ago, I knew there’s a special tool for dotting  (yes… so outdated I know)
and year later, I finally bought one from Etude House.


This one is quite cheap, and work well.
Have 2 dot sizes in one pen, which is so convenient to do nailart.

The nailart on top is quite simple, using grey color as the base color,
then choose 3 colors to do dotting, in my case, I chose magenta, yellow and lake green.

Hope you love this nailart.
We’ll see next time!


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