Summer Dream | vol. 1: Orange Day

It’s mid-August time, it just likes Mid-summer to me.
I want to present another Summer Lookbook to you guys – Summer Dream.

Although I don’t like summer, it’s a perfect time to dress up in a colorful way.
And so this time, I try to wear more colors on me, like this one.

I was shocked to find out my friend gave up his dream (it seems), I feel sad if he does.
(Of coz I hope he’s not)
As a dreamer, I always think that I’m so lucky to have chance to DREAM.
I have my family, friends, work and so on, I’m blessed to be GOD’s daughter.
Though my dream is far and may take super long time to come true (or maybe not).
BUT, I truly believe we shouldn’t or I should say we have no excuse to give up.

Take your time to achieve what you want in your life, no matter how long.
Enjoy the moment you put effort on it, rather focus on its result.

I know, you may say “that’s what dreamer says”
and YES, I’ve told you.
I am.



starterfly-20150809-3 starterfly-20150809-2starterfly-20150809-4 starterfly-20150809-5 starterfly-20150809-6 starterfly-20150809-7 starterfly-20150809-8 starterfly-20150809-9


Comments down below to let me know how’s your summer.


on S ⊙⊙ –

TOP: Topshop
JEANS: Forever 21
SANDALS: Steve Madden

Anywhere, Everywhere

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