Hi everyone, how’s your weekend?
I had an unexpected holiday this week, so can say had a long lazy weekend. Dined with friends that have long time no meet, and even shared our travel souvenirs, I got lots of gifts from Russia and Cambodia :)

各位週末去了哪裡呢? 這星期我得到一個意外的假期,稱得上是過了一個長週末。 長假期令我可以約朋友相聚,更收到朋友早前到俄羅斯及柬埔寨的一堆手信。

Yesterday, I took some videos and hopefully will be edited within this week. My only cameraman said, he can feel I’m happy during shooting now. And yes, I did. Indeed, I have different feelings towards shooting. Or I should say, I feel more confident(?) hmmm, I used to think (consider) a lot, still I’m like this, but at least it’s better now.

昨天,終於下定決心拍攝影片,希望在未來兩星期內有時間去編輯。 話說,我唯一的攝影師告訴我,現在拍攝時感受到我的喜悅。的確,大概是多了份自信?雖然我經常考慮很多各方面事情的性格仍在,但我深信是起了點變化。


I LOVE making GIF pictures, but too bad that the colors will be destroyed ;(
有誰可以告訴我:如何弄 GIF 而仍可保留相片原色呢? (苦惱呀)




The weather now in Hong Kong is really annoying, make me feel sick all the times. It’s HOT and my skin is being sticky, this really kills me.



No matter how bad is the weather, I love wearing long pants or jeans. Today’s feature is Black and White, I wore a turtle neck crop top with a check pants.




The below hand skeleton hair pin and the top above are bought from Taobao. It’s really cheap! For the hair pins, it’s actually in a pair. I didn’t know that when I made the order, so at the end, I got two pairs. I gave one pair to a newly met friend, she loves it so so much. And her friends even asked me to help to buy. How about you all? Like it or not?

看到我髮上的骷髏手髮夾嗎?同樣是便宜的淘寶貨。我本想買一對,怎知來到的是兩對!(當下才知下貨量為「一」才對)剛巧認識的一位新朋友喜歡,我便送贈了給她。她十分雀躍告訴我,身邊的朋友都很喜歡,還問我可否幫她們購入。(事實上,韓星 Krystal、G-Dragon 都有戴這款。)

20150530-11 20150530-12

Oh yeah, my necklace is from Vivienne Westwood. It may be not that clear in photos, but it’s Rose Gold color.

頸鏈方面,是玫瑰金的 VW ,有我最愛的珍珠在中間。

20150530-6 20150530-7


Look so tired :(




I do have bags in black or white colors, but I think it’s too bored if I use a B/W bag, so I chose this clutch in green color. I love this heels from EMODA.

黑色或白色的包包我都有,但若再配上黑白袋,好像有點悶了。所以今天,我選了這綠色的手拿包。鞋子則是我在日本購入的 EMODA 高跟鞋。


Simple and unique design creates bigger fantasy.



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記得 Follow 我的 Blog,往後會更頻繁的更新。


I went to Paradise Dynasty 樂天皇朝 for dinner, and this Eight-color Xiao Long Bao is really nice!  Consists of eight different flavors, each one taste so good! Must try if you will visit HK.



thanks for visiting and I will update again soon
see ya, xo.

on S ⊙⊙ –

TOP & HAIR PIN: TAOBAO *links in above
PANTS: 3.3 FIELD TRIP from Åland
HEELS: EMODA, bought from Japan
BAG: NEW LOOK, bought via ASOS

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