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我感謝 鍛鍊我的時光

It’s really hard for me to find this song, so strange that no one shares this on YouTube 🙁
This song is named”Softly And Tenderly”, by a Malaysian female singer – Bell Yu Tian.

I love the lyrics, since the first time I listened to Bell’s songs, simply love her voice.
I hope you all can interpret the in-depth meanings of this song as well.
If you would like to know the lyrics, you may click here (of coz you need to know Chinese :P).

Oh! Time to sleep. Zzzz
Good nite.

S ⊙⊙

P.S. If turns out, you cannot listen to this song, you may click the picture. It will direct to a China site which is I think the song will be there permanently.

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