好「皮」氣 Working Look

why I say it’s working look?
Today’s actually the working day on Travel Plan 😛
YES! Finally I will go to Japan next month, so so so excited!


I was thinking Spring comes so quick this year (or maybe not, just no Winter),
but then the weather became cold again :<
Nose allergy is back, really annoying!


I like online shopping (can’t remember how many times I said this),
my second leather skirt arrived yesterday and can’t wait any longer to wear!
ALL-leather today.


Also, wearing the green beanie from ASOS.
Bought it in January, but first time to wear.
It’s with pearl veil, quite a hot item this year.


But seriously, I don’t know it’s in green color.
As you know, people make joke on those wear green hat.

I can feel people on street staring on me (my beanie) as well.
But who cares?
Sometimes, I think if you like it, just do (wear)


My second clutch, still from New Look.
As always, cheap and nice!


This time I chose a black color one, easy to match clothes.
I love the small details like its gold metal bar edge, New Look’s patent!
Special, isn’t it?


I just look tired hahaha


See, my eyes are closing… slowly….


Who can tell me when should insist? when should change?
Alright, I know no.
Maybe I need some inspiration.


Time to go home, see you :>

On S:
Beanie Hat: ASOS
Leather Jacket: Zara
Leather Skirt: Lulu’s
Clutch: New Look
Shoes: ASOS

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