Kung Hei Fat Choy

Happy CNY (Chinese New Year) 2015!
Wish you all have good health this year (so so important!!!)
How was your holidays?
Today’s the third day of CNY, which is so-called “red mouth” (in Chinese: 赤口),
Chinese people think it’s an unlucky day to have guests or go visiting, so as my home.
And thus my family usually go somewhere to play rather than visiting.


Normally, I won’t join them, don’t ask me why. :P


I forgot where I went last year, but this year, I went to watch movie, Triumph in the Skies.
It’s from a famous drama in HK.

How it feels? Can’t say good, can’t say bad, so it’s so-so?!
hahahaha, sorry to be silly


I love this funny, freaky dress from bv. blu: a lot!
So happy to wear this today :>


I know, I know, you wanna hit me when I look like this.
But what can you do? I love to be like this.


I found this, I look alike the character from LINE creator, you can see it on my arm.


Gonna start to plan something in the future after CNY!
Wanna say thanks to those I met in life, coz I feel I’m super lucky with you all!

And, the photo of the day is the below one!
What do you think?


As many of my friends knew that, I bleached hairs and dyed into purple or better to say – violet.
Photo can’t show its real color, but I must say it’s really really nice.


ohhhh, and I changed my profile picture, check it out.
see ya!


Dress: bv. blu:
Leather Backpack: LOG-ON
Shoes: ASOS MAJESTIC Flatforms
Rings: Pull & Bear


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