【 偽 女 鬼 】Ghost S

November is a special month to me, but actually every month is very unique to me in 2014. Not just because my birthday is on November.. the reason why I emphasize is because November is the month that I graduated from University! Which means I start to work… anyway I was so so happy in November.

Today’s style is the first time I tried, it should be a lady, but don’t know why my face like that and turned out… hmmm, like a GHOST. hahahaha… I had fun on that day, went to my primary school to take these photos. Hope you all love it.

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My shoes are from Zara, it’s my first time bought thing from Zara. Seriously, I seldom buy any clothing from any brands, including all Fast Fashion Brands, but I would make a change, and this is the first one.


Finally, show you all two crazy but funny photos :>

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