Hi there, long time no see.
How are you all?
If you are reading this post, kindly leave me a message and tell me how are you today.
I’m glad to see and waiting for it 🙂


Not sure, but probably today is my first to use clutch.
This one is from New Look, still bought from ASOS.
As I remember, that time I bought, it’s on sales, just costs me HK$ 60+.
It’s super cheappppppp, but good 🙂
I like transparent things, though it may easy to get dirt and some may thing it’s not worth, but I just love it. 😛



The clutch has so many colors, I seriously love all of them. hahahaha
and I do think the clutch from New Look are not bad, and as it’s really low price, worth to get one if you haven’t try to use clutch before.
On sales again, go to check now!


That day, I went to PMQ in Sheung Wan.
Why? Just to check out an exhibition from Jimmy Ming Shum.
It’s about HK girls, and I have a friend ,who looks really like Susie Bubble, involved in it.
So… that’s why I went to there.
Silly but with love 😛


I love today’s style so much.
The maxi dress from Monki helped me a lot!
This dress I bought in Sweden, costs SEK100, and so it’s more or less the same in HK dollars.
Cheap, right? But I love it so much!
really eye-catching 😀

5 6

You may see the ring on my index finger of right hand.
I lost it :'(
This makes me feel so down, bought the ring from a market in Finland.
It’s reindeer horn, alright, you may think it’s so cruel, but this is one of the popular handicrafts in Finland.
So I bought one for myself as souvenir.


Many people told me, I look cool in their eyes at the first time we met.
But as long as time passes, they know I’m not.
And indeed for most of time, I am being like this, look stupid.
But I don’t care. This is me.


We’ll see later.

Clutch: New Look Clear Clutch (in Green)
Dress: Monki
Shoes: Zara

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